Dead Words


My Dear Friends, I know you got a super melodious voice, I know you are a COVID-19 expert, I know you are an awesome motivational speaker, I know you got a wonderful collection of movies,I know you are a pro online gamer, I know you have more realistic porn sites links, I know myan, I …

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नारीहरुमा सम्बोधन

हजुरआमाहरुलाई मेरो संबोधन,मेरी हजुरआमा ७७ वर्षकी हुनुभो, यो उमेरसमुहका सबैमा मेरो सम्बोधन प्यारी हजुरआमाहरु, तपाईंहरुले सबैभन्दा धेरै घटना, परिवर्तन, आन्दोलन, लहड र दुनिया देख्नु भएको छ। ढुंगा ठोकेर दियालो बाल्ने देखि स्विच थिंचेर बल्ने आँखै खाने बिजुली बत्ति तपाईं आफैले देख्नुभएको छ। तपाईंले यो पनि देख्नु भएको छ कि समय कसरि परिवर्तन हुँदो रहेछ, मान्छे …

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According to Urban Dictionary,Memesexual:- When you are attracted to people who provide good memes/ can appreciate a good meme. Recently, I was speaker in WordCamp Pokhara and I included a meme in my slide. At the point, I was able to grab the attention of the audience. This is where I felt the real power …

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