My Dear Friends,

I know you got a super melodious voice, I know you are a COVID-19 expert, I know you are an awesome motivational speaker, I know you got a wonderful collection of movies,I know you are a pro online gamer, I know you have more realistic porn sites links, I know myan, I know.

I appreciate your knowledge, art and passion and I know you are a great human being and you want to help everyone.
But let me tell you something you might not know / or might have neglected unknowingly,
“Network Traffic Congestion” is a real problem and on today’s date, it’s a bigger issue too. You are coming live and saying our government and health industry are not prepared, but at the same time, neither our IT industry and ISPs are prepared.
We need the internet for communication. The press needs it to convey news, doctors and medical professionals needs it to see any new effective techniques to cure the disease, the Government needs it to communicate with its bodies and international diplomats.
Just remember, if internet crashes, your TV, Radio, Mobile, the whole system can crash at once. Even content and programs in FM Radio / ShortWave are dependent on internet.
Moreover, most of the IT professionals are working from home. They are working really hard to keep the internet and communication alive. I personally have given priority to press and medical clients. I believe most of us have done that.

Please, use the internet only for the essential purpose, like being in communication, surfing news, socializing (less video, more texts) and in any other similar task.
I personally suggest you to read books, listen to Radio and watch TV ( unlike internet, there are less fake news there ).

#staySafe #useInternetWisely

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