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A collection of dead wordS From

Hooman of DeathValley

About me

I go by the name Manjul online, codemadan by profession and Madan Panthi whenever government wants my money in form of tax. You can find me on graveyard, cafe or on my table.

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I write codes. Yes, those gibberish on dark background with colorful fonts that makes computer go beep-boop beep-boop. I love making websites that loads fast and do business.

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Writing gibberish is not always fun. So I write peasant language. More than that, I love to share gibberish in peasant tongue. Except that, I love to write poems and rant on random stuffs.

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Summary on myself

Welcome friend.

A full-time Human Being who turns caffeine into code to earn some Bread and Butter. I have been into programming for about 5 years associated with different companies and projects over time. I have good hands over WordPress and Laravel. Beside that I like to have some roll with servers and talk shit about everything I see around.

I am a bit fond of literature and keep reading random books and sometimes write poems. I love to visit tech events and listen to similar people out there and I myself have been a speaker for a couple of times.

Madan Panthi

Dead Words


गन्तव्यको खोजी

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Photo by Pete Johnson from Pexels

नारीहरुमा सम्बोधन

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