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According to Urban Dictionary,
Memesexual:- When you are attracted to people who provide good memes/ can appreciate a good meme.

Recently, I was speaker in WordCamp Pokhara and I included a meme in my slide. At the point, I was able to grab the attention of the audience. This is where I felt the real power of meme.

Photo By: Utsav Singh Rathour

Where did it all started?

A few months back, I quit my job to focus on my back papers exam and a tech event organized by my college club where I was the president. After completing both my exams and event, I had nothing to do. I used to grab a book and go to a cafe, read a book, take my mobile out and look at the memes for the whole day. Those memes kept me smiling and busy for no apparent reason. And subconsciously, I began to share those stuff on my facebook wall. The response was amazing. Everyone was now reading and reacting at my memes. And then I started to share memes on regular basis

Meme for life

Being a Programmer / Developer, I have a 10-6 job, going to the office everyday, sitting on the same chair, looking to text-editor, reading clients requirement and submitting the product. That’s how my day goes. It’s not fun doing the same stuff every single day. It’s actually depressing. To get out of that boring life and depression, I continued with my meme stuff even sharing it on my workplace and even in slack messages. This actually makes me and my colleagues happy and motivated.

Pros. and Cons.

I actually don’t care of those stuffs. People level me as “The Meme Guy” and ask if I had any “Lit” memes for the moment. Sometimes it becomes embarrassing when people say it in public, but now its a habit it no longer bothers me now.

At the last, shoutout to people who creates and share memes. And to the politicians, celebrities and Religious people who keeps on providing us meme material, I have a huge respect for you. Hats off.

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