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Comparing IT

I See a lot of people, especially newbies (with respect) being in dilemma on choosing Courses, language, OS and platforms. Being in the Industry for 4+ years, I just wanted to share something that I have learned for all this time.


Each and every courses that are available are good enough to pursue your career. They are designed by highly qualified professionals and been tested for years. The only thing that matters is either the field of interest or the budget or availability. Like if you want ER. in front of your name, go for Computer Engineering (Purbanchal University excluded for now)
Else you can go for CSIT by TU. Its good for both computer science and IT and also said to be research based. You will have a wide range of doors open with it. Going for BCA / BIT / BIM is also a good choice. Since it covers a lot (but not all) contents like in CE or CS with extra advantage of Business and Management stuffs.


Talking about Language, Frameworks, and OS, there is no bigger bullshit than comparing these stuffs. Go for anything that suits your requirement. Like Choosing Django / Laravel Framework just to make a single page app would not be preferable and would be a waste of time. Using .Net / Java for rapid development is also not preferred. You can use simple PHP / python for these kinds of stuff.
Similarly, choosing WordPress over high-end applications is also not preferred. WordPress is more preferred over Blogs, News sites and e-commerce, and some similar applications.
And there is another great bullshit discussion trolling Windows and Mac. What we should know that these two platforms made technology possible and accessible. Learning Linux for a newbie is really difficult that’s why windows and mac have dominated the market (in terms of end user). And also, Windows makes the office work really handy and Mac have a really good loyal and passionate user base which is helping it to get better and growing. Mac is also great for video and graphics works comparing to Windows and Linux.
And Talking about Linux, should I really?
I have been using all three platforms simultaneously for different tasks. Windows for office work, Mac for development and Daily stuffs, Linux for server and development. Since Mac and Linux both belonging to Unix family (Mac OS shares more of unix than linux) they are a bit similar while using, where Mac is more managed for end user and Linux can be managed by advanced users.

At the end, what we need to know is There is no ABSOLUTE Best Course Language or OS. Everything here is RELATIVE.

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