My Dear Friends, I know you got a super melodious voice, I know you are a COVID-19 expert, I know you are an awesome motivational speaker, I know you got a wonderful collection of movies,I know you are a pro online gamer, I know you have more realistic porn sites links, I know myan, I …

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Comparing IT

I See a lot of people, especially newbies (with respect) being in dilemma on choosing Courses, language, OS and platforms. Being in the Industry for 4+ years, I just wanted to share something that I have learned for all this time. COURSE Each and every courses that are available are good enough to pursue your …

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being tech student / professionaland knowing the pros and cons of techI fear how the people are using and dependent to it. Cafe’s, restaurants, hotels, bus / bus-stop and now even colleges too are marketing with a sign of “Free Wifi”. Popularity is counted in terms of likes and followers, internet voting is now judging …


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