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WordCamp Pokhara 2018 – My Experience

Back in WordCamp Kathmandu 2018, when I was volunteering, I met some amazing persons with western accent. Myself belonging to Western Nepal, I felt a lot like meeting my family. At the end of the event they invited us for WordCamp Pokhara which was scheduled on November of the same year. From the very moment, my journey to WordCamp Pokhara started.

I had already made a lot of friends in Pokhara who were associated with WordCamp Pokhara, I used to check their social media activities, website, social media stream followed by #wcpkr2018 on a regular basis. Then the time came and I applied as a speaker for WordCamp Pokhara. Before applying for speaker, I asked the organizers about the audience, I got the reply that most of them are either tech students or are in the very beginning of their career. So I decided to take the topic “Student as a Developer”. Being an Undergraduate Student and a full-time developer, I thought of sharing my story and giving an idea to kickstart with their career.

Before Party, that was schedule a day before the WordCamp, which was happening on Gusto Restro and Bar was a very effective one. I got a chance to meet people from different parts of the world, learn from them and be friends with them.

And the day comes, at first, I was amazed by the number of participants. A city with a limited number of tech companies, that was a lot of attendees. There I met a number of people, different age groups, different fields, from different cities and of different countries. Making a lot of friends, new mentors to look into, new topics for discussion and a lot of inspiration to grab were the things that I got there.

Sessions were divided into 2 halls. I was the second speaker of the Hall Manaslu. At my turn, I was much exited to share my words, but more than that I was nervous with the huge number of attendees. Although, I gathered my strength, climbed to the stage and then went with my session. I then spoke with so confidence that, I spoke for extra few minutes than allocated time, and the irony is, I was giving advice on time management at my session.

After Party was just amazing. It was hosted in Bajeko sekuwa where everyone seems to be excited, organizers were having some relief after hectic schedule, attendees were busy meeting new people met there and we (Me, Prabhat Aryal, Nishal Gurung, Anil Gurung, Chet Raj Bhandari and few more) took a table and started talking about the event and some random stuffs. And then Anil Khatri, Binayak Poudel and the team started music and we had a great dance party till 10.

I don’t know how good or effective was my session, but I got a good response after the session. So I could guess I spoke pretty good. Returning back from the event, I had few new friends, few friend requests on Facebook, few followers on twitter and a lot of beautiful memories.



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